Project Management - Most Advance Way for Success

Hey all,

I'm working at project management sector since 2012. I want to share my methods for tracking my project tasks, products and management.


First of all you need to know your scope of work exactly and when i say exactly it's EXACTLY. You need to know all small details. Spending time for it definitely will worth. So i can hear you guys "How senpai?" Okay kiddos here is the answer; AutoCad drawings / Work description / Excel file and some skill. Let's go another paragraph because it's seems fancy.


Check your products at Autocad, how many of them? What's their measurement. Take a list make your database and improve it depends on your needs. For example: A product, different sizes and quantity. Give names for every single of them, A1, A2 or more complex names.

Make filters, don't enter 2 value in 1 cell EVER. You might need to filter depends on different variations.


Make a schedule, even you will change 10 times. Find spending(time, money, manpower etc.) for every different type product per unit roughly. In time you will update and find the accurate values.


Lastly, application of your plan. Work with proper chiefs/engineers/formens/workers. Even your planning were perfect, application is the key of this.. If your personal is not understand what they applying at site, it will fail your schedule.

Always track your progress daily - weekly - monthly; by time, quantity, cost.


Okay my young friends and old farts. This is the skeleton of the job. Apply it, profit ea

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